Sunday, October 14, 2018

Look Out

      I hear that several itty bittys are arriving at stores on top of Black Panther's Okoye. So look out for these November releases Ralph, Vanellope, and Christmas Story 2-pack with Ralphie and old man Parker! Also these October releases are being seen Mulan, Mushu, and Queen Amidala!

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Comparison volume #2

      Here is a second wave of itty bittys that have more than one version. We are looking at the differences between the two kinds so you can tell them apart and know what you have. Sometimes it just helps to see them side by side.  I think I have them listed, but 'Regular' refers to the normal versions that are normally sold in stores and don't have a limited run. This includes ones that are in 1st in series, boxed sets, or 2-packs, etc.
   In case you missed it here is a Link the the first set of comparisons that we did. The links to these posts can also be found on the "Itty bitty Basics' page.


Shirt Tales - Online Exclusive vs. Regular (Boxed set)
 Pammy, Tyg, Rick
Regular ones on top row vs. Online Exclusives bottom row
Shirts & tags - The Online ones have them stitched on and are the same plush as the actual itty bitty. While the regular one (or boxed set version) has a flap like a normal tag and a more stretchy material for the shirts.
Back of shirts - The online version have a blank back in their shirts, while the regular's have a printed quote or saying.

Snow White - Regular vs. Event Exclusive
Cape - The event has one along with red tie in front while the regular doesn't.
Stitching - The Regular has stitched/embroidery detail, while on the event it's printed on.

Classic Batman - 1st in series vs. 2nd in series

Material - The 1st version is made up of the normal plush material while the 2nd is a more textured material.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends - 1st in series vs. 2nd in series
Top row: 1st series. Bottom row: 2nd series

Details - There are more details in the face of the 2nd version over the 1st versions. Further more 1st series has the word 'Pooh' on his shirt while 2nd series doesn't.
Coloring - The coloring is sharper on the 2nd version. Most noticeable is Eeyore 1st series is blue and 2nd series is gray.

Greedo - Limited Edition (Carded) vs. Regular

Coloring - The limited edition one favors brighter more vibrant colors, while the regular is more subdued.
Details - The regular version has much more detail in the clothing with a vest, shirt, and blaster holster. The limited edition has a solid color suit.

Luke - Regular (Boxed set) vs. Limited Edition (Carded)

Details and accessories - The regular has minimal details, like just a simple belt and seam in the shirt. While the limited edition has a greater detailed belt with even an accessory in Luke's hand.
Color - The newer limited edition has stronger colors, like the brighter blond hair. The regular has munch more subtle color palate.

Leia - Regular vs. Limited Edition (Carded)

 Details - The regular's belt is solid silver while the limited edition has a combination of white and silver. The sleeves are a little more flared and there are more seams in the dress.

 Darth Vader - First in Series vs. Second in Series

Eyes/face - The first version of Vader has the signature oval itty bitty eyes while the new version has the more square shaped eyes. His mouth is also more defined with sliver/gray on the 2nd series and well as having a more flared helmet.
Belt and Control panel details - The 2nd version has colored detail on the belt while the first doesn't. The control panels has variation. The 1st has red and blue coloring while the 2nd has red and green coloring.

Other Star Wars carded/blister pack versions
Boba Fett (Carded Event Exclusive), Jawa, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.

Material - The designs are different on these, but the main difference the the fabric they are made out of a kind of vinyl/pleather while all the ealier versions are made of the soft plush.

 Rudolph - Regular (1st in series), Storybook, and 2nd in series
2nd in series, 1st in series, and Storybook

 Nose - The 2nd one has a plastic nose while the 1st is embroidered on.
Sleigh Bells - Only the Storybook one wears them around their neck while the others don't. (There is also a shrink wrapped Rudolph in a Christmas card which takes after the Storybook version and the sleigh bells.)

 Clarice - Regular vs. Storybook

 Scarf - Storybook one wears a spotted scarf while the regular don't wear one.
Hoof color - The regular one has dark brown colored hoof/hands and the Storybook is wearing pale colored gloves.

Bumble - 1st in series vs. 2nd in series 

 Star - 2nd in series is holding one while the 1st version doesn't have one.

Santa - Rudolph Santa vs. Countdown Santa
 Face - The Rudolph Santa has a mustache and eyebrows while the Countdown Santa doesn't.
Mittens - The Countdown has green gloves while Rudolph has white.
Hats - The Rudolph hat hangs down farther.
Belts - The buckle on the Countdown is yellow compared to silver on the Rudolph version. Also the Countdown has a red stripe over the boots.

Other Mentions 

Jack & Sally (Nightmare before Christmas)

It appears that the new stock ones have slightly different packaging for the Anniversary.  On the original release the card has a gold ban across the top while the new ones have a black band and a line mentioning the Anniversary under the title. There don't appear to be any other difference.

Friday, October 12, 2018


Today starts the the itty bittys sale Buy 2, Get 1 Free. It goes until the 21st and on itty bitys $6.95 to $9.99.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Watch Out For!

       Keep an eye out for Okoye from Black Panther! She is a limited edition and appearing in stores. Let us know if you see her! This could mean the other Black Panther charters could be showing up as well!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Available online

The Nightmare Before Christmas trio is now available online! Lock, Shock, and Barrel are limited editions and the online exclusives for October. Find them Here

  Also the limited edition Walking Dead set featuring Glenn and Maggie are now available online! See them Here

Thursday, October 4, 2018

New York Comic Con 2018

     New York Comic Con is under way and that means itty bitty news! I will continue to update this post so keep checking back. Please let me know if you find any news as well!

2019 Previews

Star Wars - Other picture links (Cantina, Here)
Luke in Sand Speeder (closer picture Here)
Gamorrean Guard
Emperor Palpatine
Cantina band 4-pack

Black Panther

Star Trek 
Janeway & Seven of Nine 2-pack (we heard they were a 2-pack from the Trek Con)
Slave girl

Picture from Megsittybittys on instagram

Harry Potter Other pictures Here,
Prof. McGonagal
Quidditch Harry & Draco (2-pack?)

Picture posted by Pop Minded

The Ghostbusters (boxed set?)
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


 2018 Previews

Aquaman - I heard release it this month
  • Take note of Mera and Black Manta. Two new ones we didn't know about. Could release this month with Aquaman or they could be released in December when the movie comes out.
Nightmare Before Christmas trio - Online Exclusive for October
Wack-it-Ralph - Limited Editions due out November

A Christmas Story 2-pack is limited edition and is due out in November, not sure why it says 2019 preview.

Picture posted by La Covacha

Thank you C for your contribution!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

October Releases

     A few releases for October. Also remember that Hallmark is having a sale this month from the 12th through the 21st 'Buy 2, get 1 free' on the itty bittys (priced $6.95-9.99).

Mulan - Limited Edition
Mushu the Dragon - Limited Edition
Queen Amidala (Star Wars)
Aquaman (I believe the movie version)

Online Exclusives
Nightmare Before Christmas trio